“Fix the worst thing and it all starts to get better.”

Holly Romanowski

Broker Associate

Holly has three years of experience in the real estate business.  Enamored with every aspect of a home, Holly grew up always dreaming of ways to make her family house better. Her interest in homes only intensified as an adult as she spent lots of time going to open houses. Home renovations eventually became a hobby.

Today in her career as a real estate agent, Holly has become known for her quality photos and aggressive marketing. She takes great strides in making the selling and buying process as hassle-free as possible. Her approach to each transaction means focusing on the clients’ needs so they can reach their goals.

Mike Erb

Mike always was intrigued by the common thread of real estate and the business world -that it was not only the ability to make a sale, but it was also about relationships.

As a person who started two businesses from the bottom up, Mike attributes this success to his persistence and ability to build trust with everyone with whom he worked.  Now as a full-time agent, Mike has a reputation for his positive attitude, his caring and his ability to aggressively go after the best deal.   He also fully understands the importance of being detail –oriented, resourceful and listening to his clients.
“My goal is to sell Sioux Falls 1 yard at a time."
"You can’t predict the future, but your actions today influence tomorrow.”

Omar Charo

Broker Associate
The customer experience is everything when it comes to real estate. For Omar Charo it all begins with building a strong relationship with his clients. Having worked locally in the hospitality industry for almost a decade, Omar understands customer service and the importance of empathy, responsiveness, good communication and going the extra mile. He puts himself in his clients’ shoes when helping them buy or sell their prized home.

Omar believes there’s lots of satisfaction when his clients are pleased.

“I will do whatever it takes to get the results my clients deserve.  People are so excited when they get their own home. Making and seeing them happy is what I like to do. It makes me proud to be a realtor.”

Preston Knobloch

Broker Associate
Work: (605) 336-2121
Cell: (605) 595-7958
Email: [email protected]

Real estate has always been a curiosity for Preston Knobloch. In his early teens he watched his parents put together real estate transactions and was intrigued especially when it came to running numbers and comparing values. That fascination never faded. Preston went on to buy his own investment property at age 17. It was a duplex. The whole process of searching out properties and making a deal happen was exciting; so much so, it jumpstarted his career as a realtor.

For Preston, caring counts. Knowing that clients are investing time and money in one of the largest purchases of their lives, he understands accountability and working hard for results. This means communicating and listening. Clients who choose him will feel respected, taken care of, heard and recognized. His promise – to approach each transaction efficiently, professionally, and beyond expectation.

“Respect and reliability go hand-in-hand,” says Preston. “I feel honored to professionally assist you in finding your dream home or investment property.”

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